Roger Ford :  FRPS EFIAP/gold

By nature I am a curious person. This is reflected in my photography which has encompassed a variety of styles, genres and subject matter over the last 30 odd years.However as I review my images, it becomes apparent that my photography has centred around movement and moment.

To me, there is something compelling about creating an image which cannot be seen by the naked eye or retained in the mind.That frozen instant which creates abstract shapes, textures and hues from reality has been the inspiration for many of my favourite photographs.

In a similar vein I love catching that moment of juxtaposition when the reality before me unfolds to reveal a scene which tells a story, asks questions and preferably creates an emotional response.

Being active in the Royal Photographic Society still inspires me and I like the challenge provided by being a member of London Independent Photography. I enjoy seeing photography in an international context and my images have been exhibited in all five continents throughout the world under the auspices of the Federation International of Art Photographic (FIAP).

In 2017 I was delighted to accept an invitation to become a member of The London Salon of Photography

My external influences have included famous photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Willie Ronnis, Ernst Haas and Roy King amongst many others

However, most of all I enjoy the company of other photographers, comparing photographic ideas and experiences.


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